Additional Confirmation from University of Chicago

Dr. Kurnit called us this evening and reiterated what we heard earlier from Dr. Sidani. She has been in communication with him and they are in agreement that chemotherapy should be started again immediately. She also gave more clarity on why surgery is not recommended at this time. This is an aggressive cancer and while it is physically presenting on the CT scan, there is suspicion that it is elsewhere and surgery without chemo would not comprehensively address the metastasis. Dr. Kurnit believes that Doxil will be well tolerated by my mom and that we need to think of future treatment just as we do with chronic illness. The goal will be to treat, test, rinse and repeat. Indefinitely.  She also shared more about her plans to get more testing in line for the biopsy and original tumor to see if we have options for targeted therapies and clinical trials. We will see if the treatments are ready and approved for Friday. Looks like we are planning a chemo picnic. 

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