An Update for Theresa

I would have liked to have waited longer than three months to write in this journal again. The last 90 days have been nothing but optimistic and positive and my mom hasn’t looked or felt better since her cancer diagnosis in September.  The last time we were here was almost exactly three months ago and I reported the results of her PET and CT scan. To refresh on that, scans yielded all positive results with the exception of a tiny tiny area of the left lymph node, just a smidge over a normal size.  In lieu of doing a biopsy at that time, the team of doctors were in agreement that we should wait three months, repeat the scans and take it from there. Fast forward to June 10th, CT scan was performed again. Results didn’t show up in MyChart as normal and we would have to wait to see her doctors to discuss the findings.  My mom decided not to wait and drove over to pick up the disc and written report. Off to Google I went to try to understand as we waited to see her doctors this week.  From the report: Development of left external iliac chain lymphadenopathy concerning for metastatic disease. 

Yesterday we went to see Dr. Sidani. His interpretation of the results was that the original area of concern did not really show any change. A normal lymph node sits around 1cm. This one is only 1.2 cm.  As for the other side, there is measurement of approximately 2.5 cm, definitely not normal. He had already checked in with Dr. Kurnit and together they agreed a biopsy will be required as soon as possible.  We also had a visit with Dr. Kurnit today – she is 100% in agreement that a biopsy needs to be performed before they can make any additional decisions. Reactive or Malignant? That is the question.  She said it is not unusual at all for Ovarian cancer to recur but IF it is Ovarian Cancer, she would have liked to have more time elapsed before suspicion or evidence of disease. She encouraged my mom to continue doing everything she is doing and trying to live her life as normal as we wait to learn more.  In the last 24 hours I have been calling and trying to expedite the biopsy process between the three hospitals in the Community network but the soonest we can get in is NEXT Thursday, June 29. I am now looking outside of the network for an Interventional Radiologist who can perform a CT guided biopsy to try to move the process along. Once we land on an appointment time it will be at least a week to get results back and a follow doctor appointment. 

My mom is definitely nervous, as are we. The test results will dictate what actions we will need to take. If it is reactionary and benign it will work itself out and go back to normal. If it is cancer they have to know what we are dealing with. Surgery alone without chemo isn’t going to cut it. Chemo, radiation, combination, we don’t yet know. It could be nothing, right? 

What I do know is that she has been doing AMAZING since her massive surgery in December, six chemo treatments and immunotherapy regime of Zirabev every three weeks. My thinking is if she got through THAT and recovered as quickly as she did she can get through THIS and anything. I mean just look at her!!!!! I had the pleasure of bringing her to work with me a few weeks ago at my Google office downtown. She is pictured her at the iconic Ms PAC MAN arcade game. She is so damn adorable in this photo. I just spoke about her strength and inspiration at a speech I gave June 1. Now we are here but we can do this, whatever THIS is, we will do this. 

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