Lymph Node Biopsy – Results Pending

Just flew back from NYC after a hellish 48 hours of travel last night. I needed to get home, get some sleep and pick up my mom by 630am to get her to the hospital by 645am this morning for her biopsy procedure.  She had been fasting since the night before and really wanted some coffee but she had to have a clear system before her sedation process started. They got her back for prep, ran some tests and all things were good to go. One of the nurses came in ready to get her prepped for her IV and i immediately asked if they would be accessing her port versus sticking her again. She seemed confused and had to go and ask. I was kind of frustrated having to call this out, isn’t this something they look for in cancer patients right away? Apparently it is not. 

Another nurse came in to flush her port and get the area sterile. Unfortunately the kit was missing something and she had to leave the room to go and retrieve a needle. She asked my mom to stay still but she inadvertently moved and the sterile glass vials fell off her tray and hit the floor. It was a bit stressful as she had to sterilize again. This set off a bit of emotion in all of us and my mom began to cry. It was heartbreaking to see her this way but at the same time I think she needed this release. So we all began to cry. It’s just hard to explain what this journey feels like but the most important thing is that we all have eachother. My Aunt Tina is there with us at every single appointment. We are just bonded like glue, the three of us. My sweet Aunt Maria wanted to be there too but they only allow two people at a time for these types of procedures. She is alway so sweet and sending messages of love. 

Dr. Thomas Maginot performed the procedure and all went well with extraction of the sample. My mom was moderately sedated and didn’t feel a thing. The whole process was longer than expected and we finally got out of the hospital in time to grab lunch before my 2pm call for work. I brought her home with me to see my son Johnny before he went back home to the city. She always lights up when she sees him, she loves my daughter Gina so much too. They both love her beyond words. 

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