GoGo & Mom

My name is Gloria Morris (aka GoGo) and Theresa Cicco is my mother.  I am her only child and we basically grew up together as I popped in to her life at the young age of 18.  She hasn’t had it easy with me as I really have lived up to my childhood nickname GoGo and kept her on her toes for sure.  She and I have been through a lot and even had a massive head on collision together where she endured significant injuries but I was left without a scratch.  My mom had a ruptured appendix many years ago but outside of that has been very healthy. At least we thought she was healthy.  Just a few weeks ago she finally felt she needed to take action on her feelings of fatigue, discomfort and abdominal bloating.  On September 9, 2022 she decided to visit an urgent care clinic and based on her symptoms, she was diagnosed with a potential urinary tract infection and was prescribed an antibiotic and sent home.  Six days later, realizing she didn’t feel better she made an appointment with the nurse practitioner from her Dr. office and I took her to get checked on September 15th. The nurse practitioner, Patti felt a CT Scan was the best next step.  After much back and forth, we were able to expedite her CT Scan and get her in the next day, September 16th.  She went home after her test and we waited for the results.  Dr. Lauren Harting called her at 7pm that evening and asked that she proceed to the emergency room that Friday night.  My Aunt Tina (Popp nee Cicco) took her and I left my fundraising event and headed to St Mary’s Medical Center. After a battery of tests and various discussions, we now know she’s been battling advanced stage Ovarian Cancer. To say we are devastated is an understatement and after thousands of text messages to loved ones I decided to use this platform to document and consolidate information about our journey together.  We have so many friends, family members, work colleagues and customers from our family business (John Cicco’s Menswear) who want to know how my mom is doing and I have decided this is the best way to communicate.  I will also use this for my own documentation and to organize all of the new information that is being presented to us for the first time.  There are few backdated journal entries that are more for my own historical documentation.  Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work together to fight for her life.

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Family Love: Beth Sarros

Where do I even start with Beth?? She is the most generous and kind sister-in-law anyone can ask for and I’m blessed beyond words to have her in my life! When we got back from the hospital I was greeted with this shipment of jersey caps from Butterfly Kisses, a unique little headwear shop. Thank…


Family Love: Maria Corea & Tina Popp

Today I had to work in the city all day so my Aunt Tina and Maria made sure mom was taken care of with some food and company! Maria brought an Egg McMuffin AND some Culver’s and Aunt whipped up one of our favorite broccoli 🥦 dishes. She ate very well today and said she…

Ann's Butterfly

Friend Love: The Talented Ann Latinovich

My beautiful friend Ann Latinovich created this amazing piece of art, I now use this as my phone wallpaper. It is teal to represent the ovarian cancer color and is a butterfly of hope!  Thank you my dear friend!!


The Treatment: Thoracentesis & Paracentesis

Significant amount of fluid drained from lung and abdomen at St Mary’s. Met Brad Johnson, he will be performing most of my moms thora and paracentesis procedures from this point forward. We are hoping the chemo slows (or stops) the buildup of the ascites as this makes her extremely uncomfortable. This is a post drain…


Friend Love: Crystal Klomp

Look at this amazing care package, thank you Crystal! The kindness cup runneth over from my Service League colleague and soon-to-be-neighbor, Crystal Klomp. Crystal left a gorgeous bag of amazing goodies on my doorstep with a beautiful card for my mom. The bag is full of comforting items including warm socks, colored art pencils, coloring…

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Friend Love: Jeremy Bowen

Wow! Today I came home from work to find an extremely generous gift from Jeremy Bowen and our friends at Project Lean Nation. They are coming soon to Crown Point and it’s so cool to get a sneak peek and try their meals! Getting my mom protein is NOT easy so this was so kind…

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2022 More

Family Love: Brian Popp When serious things happen we have to execute on serious moves. In this case, “we got a guy”. My Uncle Brian Popp (married to my Aunt Tina) is one of the best attorneys around and has helped with updating power of attorney docs and advanced directives for healthcare decisions. It’s never…

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Family Love: Margaret Morris – the Best MIL ever!

Margaret Morris is my husbands beautiful mother and let’s just say I hit the mega multi ultra jackpot in the mother-in-law (MIL) department!!! She is a true southern belle who is amazing and kind and I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for her help and support since my mom went into the hospital…

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Cancer Support: Imerman’s Angels

Gina Werner is my neighbor in Saint John and made the excellent suggestion to reach out to Imerman Angels for support and a mentor for my mom. Here is a little about their organization, we definitely plan to reach out.  Imerman Angels’ mission is to provide comfort and understanding for all cancer fighters, survivors, previvors…


The Treatment: Chemotherapy Round One

First Chemotherapy appointment at NWI Cancer Center in Crown Point. The day started with our checkin with Dr Sidani and we were off and running with six hours of IVs as we needed to wait on insertion of her more permanent chest port. She did quite well despite the intensity of the drugs and said…


Family Love: Gina & her Grammy

Gina and Grandma holding hands:) My daughter Gina flew in last night from Austin Texas to see my mom before her first chemo treatment on September 30. We ordered these sweet little bracelets for Ovarian Cancer Awareness month which just happens to be September. This is a sweet picture of Gina and her grandma holding…

Wake me Up when September Ends

It’s crazy how fast your world can change. One minute I knew NOTHING about ovarian cancer and now I see things about it everywhere. I recently took my mother-in-law, Margaret Morris, to an Amish bakery called Rise and Roll just a few days after my mom’s diagnosis. I go to swipe my credit card by…