The Right Direction

I have been waiting for definitive results on my moms CT and PET Scan before posting any more updates. I wish we could say we are completely in the clear and dancing with NED (No evidence of disease) but honestly we aren’t quite there yet despite my dreams of cancer being behind us. Here is my shot at summarizing what’s transpired since my moms 3-11-23 scans. First, this is the first PET scan that we have so we don’t have a comparison to what we had before. She’s had plenty of CT scans, this is what is traditionally used by her surgeon and those used to working with ovarian cancer. The PET scan shows activity in the cells and in my moms case showed mild activity (like barely over normal) in the lymph node of her groin. All other areas look really good and Dr Kurnit believes all signs point to success after her six rounds of chemo and surgery!  

Back to the lymph node, we discussed several scenarios but the most likely next step is to continue with the plan for immunotherapy and repeat the PET/CT in three months to see if the size of the lymph nod decreases or increases. Mom took another CA 125 today so we should see those results tomorrow. That will be another factor in how we move forward but we expect to hear good news on that.

My mom is in great spirits and has been super busy and out and about since her birthday. She’s really doing a great job trying to go back to her normal life. We will just take this next three months to be healthy and active. In the meantime she will begin her infusions of ZIRABEV now and will go in every three weeks to do more blood work and see Dr. Sidani. 2 Comments

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